Our Mission is to provide supply chain & road solutions to our clients in a safe, reliable and cost effecive manner

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Breif Information about us

Levites Holdings (PTY) LTD is a female-owned company started in 2018 with an interest of being the leading black company that supplies nutrition such as perishable goods, Non-perishable goods & other goods to Government Departments & the private sector.

The passion for supplying business has gained us sustainable clients and we are able to adapt to various needs and certain demands of our clients. As a black company that started in 2018, we are proud to say we have managed to raise our own capital to fund our projects and also we have created relationships with all stakeholders, such as the suppliers and other service providers we require to make our business a success story

Our Vision is to be a leading female owned trucking company that positively contributes to eliminating job insecurity particularly amongst youth

About the company

From 2018 to date, our organization has created three job opportunities for the youth with the aim of playing part in eliminating the high percentage of job scarcity. Levites Holdings’ main business conducted has been including supplying nutrition’s and not excluding other goods and services from agriculture services and livestock specifically to the Department of Correctional Services. We have worked with a huge number of various centres nationally. To mention a few of the long list, we have supplies from Brandvlei Correctional, Butterworth and KZN remote areas. Our priority is to deliver the best possible service on time to our clients and to understand the cruciality of their needs.


Recently in the year 2022, the company has ventured into a new sector ologistic, where it has identified a gap in the logistic of mining goods transportation. Within a short space period, we have managed to secure two contracts for transporting Manganese from Northern Cape to Durban, and coal from Witbank to Durban. The goal is to balance both sectors and deliver outstanding service to all stakeholders.

Levites Holdings is very passionate about its business, and therefore we always exceed the client’s expectations and deliver outstanding services. Therefore we are willing for our clients to be contacted at any given time for referencing purposes of our services.


What we provide

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